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WOW is for women of all ages and men who would like to be involved!

WOW members have passion for…

* discovery

* light-heartedness & fun

* a sense of purpose & belonging

When you are with WOW you don’t have to be anyone else but yourself.

WOW is about embracing the “child” inside all of us who finds their power and energy through play!

Join the ever-expanding group of women and ride the Wave Of Wisdom

WOW Day Activities - Try something new and exciting and meet other like minded women.

WOW Courses - Continue the connection and the fun by extending the WOW Day experience.

WOW Travel - Get away with other WOW members on weekend breaks and adventure holidays.

WOW Workshops - Fantastic workshops led by local businesses to ignite your spark.

WOW Friendships - met new friends, form social groups and have fun together.

WOW Wisdom - Share your wisdom and be inspired by others. Recognise your own unique potential.

WOW Diversity - Bringing cultures together through fun, friendship and sharing wisdom.




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